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Uniik helped set the tempo for Redrum early as his 2 sacks stifled TMH on their opening drive ... after both teams got things rolling trading scores by Zodiac (7-127-1) and Vito, Alstott snuck past TMH blitzer's for a 15 yard td, giving Rum the early 14-6 lead ... but Mag B (45-34-698-9-1) soon dialed up Dash and dropped a 56 yard rainbow to him, setting up Danny's 11 yard td to knot the game up at 14 before Mahdi (38-31-525-8-1) found Casper all alone for a 46 yard td, lifting Rum up, 22-14 ...
Uniik makes a nice play at the line of scrimmage batting and intercepting Mag to set up Mahdi - who wiggled and waggled for 181 rushing yards on the day - scooting it in from the 10, giving Rum the biggest lead either team will have in this game, 28-14 ...  Danny (8-168-2), Casper (3-88-3) and Vito (7-192-4) each score their 2nd touchdowns of the first half to bring the score at intermission, Redrum 34 - TMH 28 ....
... in a game filled with big-plays, this was the biggest ... after getting - and then losing - their first lead of the game, Mag wanted to answer back big and quickly ... on first down he heaved a big bomb deep to a blazing Vito for an 80 yard td ... that play might've drove a dagger in the heart of most teams, but this was far from over ... TMH 44 - RUM 42
the lead goes back and forth as Casper adds another score (RUM up 50-44) ... then Birdman (TMH up 52-50)  ... Mahdi - who some how gets through the game without getting sacked - hits Legault for a td (RUM up 58-52) only to be followed up by Vito's 4th td grab of the game (TMH up 60-58) and who later would be name the games MVP  ...
but on 4th down and goal from the 3, with their hot go-to guy all day Legault on the sidelines (just saying) Redrum is unable to connect on the right corner-fade to Sammy ...  TMH ball with a 2 point lead and just a few minutes on the clock ...Mag hit's Energy for their final score, but they can't convert the extra point - leaving Rum a chance to tie only down by 8 ... Mahdi hit's Kukoc for a 15 yard td ... extra point can tie the game - they try that same corner route again, but again, just miss ... TMH wins 66-64 ..sff:)
down by six and with Rum getting the ball to start the 2nd half, TMH was in need of a big play and got one from Whozdat, who picked off Mahdi ... on the very next play, Mag hit Birdman - who was shut-out the entire 1st half - slanting across the middle and then followed some blocking up the sideline to score from 43 yards out ... the extra point gives TMH their first lead in the game with the score 36-34 ... but this is where the lead goes back and forth as Legault scores from 11 yards out and Rum goes back up 42-36 ...
Passing: REDRUM - Mahdi 38-31-525-8-1 / TMH - Mag B 45-34-698-9-1, Truck 1-0-0-0-0
Receiving: REDRUM - Legault 10-152-2,  Zodiak  5-127-1, Jon  5-59-0, Casper  3-88-3, Alstott  3-62-1, Sammy  2-22-0, Kukoc  1-15-1 / TMH - Danny 8-168-2, Vito 7-192-4, Truck 7-64-0, Energy 6-96-1, T 3-66-0, Birdman 2-56-2, Dash 1-56-0
Rushing: REDRUM - Mahdi 12-181-1
Defense: REDRUM - Uniik 3 sacks & 1 int, Superbowl 1 sack / TMH - Whozdat 1 int
TMH and Redrum combined for over 1,400 total offensive yards and 130 points ... each team had 1 turnover, but other than that, and not counting the possessions at the end of the half or end of game, both teams scored every series they had the ball except once (TMH didn't score their 1st possession and Redrum didn't score their 2nd to last possession) ... congratulations to both teams for a great game and to TMH for their 6th sff'ing heavy-weight title ...... enjoy the rest of your summer!!!! .... sff:)
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