MOB 32 - DAZED 26 ...  Papi completed 23 of 32 for 287 yards and threw 3 scores to lead the Mob over Dazed ... he also picked off one of the teams 3 interceptions on defense ... the Mob lost 2 of their top pass catchers to free-agency this off-season (Birdman & Skillz) but were able to re-stock that position nicely with the acquisitions of Charlie and Johnny ... Charlie hauled in 5 for 69 and grabbed a 2nd half 7 yard score ... Johnny lead all receivers on the day with 10 receptions for a buck-fourteen and 2 scores ...Pacman B chipped in with 4 catches for 59 ... they've bolstered up their defensive front with 2 rookie pass-rushers and both had productive debuts ... Olay snagged 2 sacks and scored on a 12 yard pick-six ... fellow rookie rusher Dante grabbed 3 sacks ... long-time vet Icon added to his all-time defensive-touchdowns-scored record by returning a interception here for his 23rd career defensive td ...the addition of DB Jaeda and PR Superbowl strengthens an already strong Mob defensive unit ... but Daze always gives the Mob fits and this game was no different ... Mas threw for 250 yards and 3 scores while connecting on 18 of 28 ... Toro remains one of the leagues most potent weapon as he caught 6 for 133 and 2 td's plus added a pick ... Manny made a nice impact catching 2 scores on his 4 catches for 65 yards ... ex-Predator and #9 on the all-time receiving list Phreak (3-50) is a welcomed addition to Daze's offensive arsenal as well as former Team X'ers Twin 1 (2-27) and Twin 2 (3-50) - all three are expected to contribute defensively as well  ... pass rushers K.Sapo and Joe both got through for a sack each ... their ability to continually bring pressure will be key to Daze's success this season ...
WOLVES 42 - DUCKS 28 ... the most anticipated match-up of week 1 surprisingly lived up to its expectations ... Superbow31 MVP B.Smith was in post-season form, throwing for 237 yards, 4 td's with zero turnovers ... the champs hit free-agent pay-dirt by adding one of the leagues most dangerous players Foxx to an already talented receiving core ... Foxx put up 4 td's against his former team - 3 on 8 receptions for 101 yards - and another on a 48 yard run after a Webb pitch-back ... plus he added a late-game pick .. their other post-season hero - Von, caught 3 for 110 and scored on a 70 yard pass from Surprise ... rookie receiver Mizzy (7-76-1) dazzled with some spectacular circus-like catches ... the pass blocking combination of Frank and Bronson looks real real strong as they held the Ducks sack-less ... defensively, 2nd year LB Smallz (1 sack) continues to be a problem for opposing offenses ... Ian and Koda each had sacks ... and their other 2nd year LB Samaad had a pick ... the Ducks, after 3 under-achieving seasons where they had a combined 19-3 regular season record, but no post-season wins to show for it, GM E-Money cleaned house and starts new ... and its looking very promising ... their first-year signal caller Kevin lead all passers on the day with 388 yards while connecting on 20 of 38 and 4 scores ... former Team X receiver Carlis had a career-day, leading the team with 7 receptions for 128 yards and scored on a 18 yard pass ... another former X'er, Bowers was in the mix too (5-60) ... as was Joe (2-42-1) who came over from Daze ... and Lah (2-47) deserves more looks ...this game was kept close due to some huge scoring plays from one of the few remaining original Ducks,Trick - first he scored from 38 yards out, then again from 55 yards  (and actually had another long score late in the game from 70 yards but was called back due to a penalty) ... defense needs a play maker or two to step up (no sacks/picks), but the Ducks are reloaded and have the potential to be very dangerous ...
just a coupla shotz from the 2nd game ... i'll put more up next week
ROC BOYS 42 - SHAOLIN KNIGHTS 0  ... what a way for a young inexperience expansion team to have to start off ... face-to-face with the leagues all-time best ... top all-time top passer ... best all-time receiver and scorer ... the leagues top all-time tight-end ... all-time best interceptor ... a pass-rushing unit that has over 300 combined sacks in their career ...this Roc Boy roster GM Masi put together is stacked with "SFF ALL-TIME LEGENDS" ... but the young kids from Shaolin showed up and played anyway ... and despite the way the final score looks, they actually put up a good fight ... the first half saw 3 Shaolin Knight take-aways, as Thing1Thing2 and Big Bang all had interceptions ... last seasons Rookie of the Year (Mike), now known as All-Purpose is the teams QB ... he has this unorthodox side-arm delivery, but damn, it gets to its destination quickly ... he completed 18 of 34 for 262 yards and appeared competent at avoiding the rush .. Evans Jr. (6-85) and Ocho (4-82) looked to be un-coverable at times ...Dadwin (1-10) is their down-field threat ...  Big Boy was solid on both sides of the ball with 3 catches for 53 yards and a sack ... Poole hauled in 2 for 30 ... but the talent and experience on the other side was just too much ... Mag B completed 16 of 30 for 269 yards and 4 touchdowns and ran for another 80 on the ground ... Birdman lead the squad with 5 grabs for 78 yards and a td ... td catches were also hauled in by KurtBig RedStevie D and Tank - who also scored on a 1 yard run ... Prince Ikeem set up a score on a 59 yard pass play down to the one ... Energy, with 4 catches for 41 yards,  becomes only the 7th player in history to accumulate over 500 receptions in a career ... defense got 2 sacks from Kurt and 1 each from Big Red and Eze ... Shorty had an end-zone pick to stop the Knights best chance at avoiding the shut-out ... sff!
MOB 32 - DUCKS 6 ... the Mob established their dominance early by scoring touchdowns on their first 3 possessions ...Papi hit on 19 of 30 for 323 yards and 3 scores ... his main weapon for the 2nd week in a row was Johnny,who grabbed 7 receptions for 79 yards and 2 td's - plus threw a 32 yard td pass to Cojo ... Cojo had 148 receiving yards off his 5 receptions and scored twice ... Jim Jones did a little bit of everything - caught 3 for 74, had a sack and tossed a late 22 yard td to Charlie (4-77-1) ... Rookie pass-rusher Dante picked up his 4th and 5th sacks of the season and is currently leading the league in that category ... a sleeker, slimmer and rejuvenated Superbowl (1 sack) is back out there chasing qb's again  ...the Ducks just couldn't get into any rhythm here ... QB KWalk (31-15-309-0-0) scored the teams lone points on a 2 yard run ...but despite the low total, shouldn't get discouraged ... they have a big-play offense that just needs to figure out how to cash that into points ... example, after 2 weeks, they lead the league in big-plays (plays over 25 yards) with 8 ... Trick is averaging a ridiculous 44 yards per reception on his 4 grabs so far this season ... Lah (3-79) has been getting involved and had a 61 yard catch in this game ... Joe caught a 51 yarder ...  Miguel (3-47) gives them a solid underneath option ... Carlis (2-30) looks primed for a break-out year ... they have last seasons Brick Wall Award Winner at TE in Smash (3-16) - the offense has the potential to be explosive ... the defense - lead by LB Jay T - is still gelling  ... Tamir and Joe had a sack each ... once the secondary starts creating some plays (they're the only team without any take-aways so far), the Ducks will be right in the mix of this thing ...
ROC BOYS 33 - WOLVES 30  ... Wolves jumped out to an early 18-6 lead behind their fast-break offense and utilized a couple of pitch-back plays that resulted in scores ... but Roc Boys recovered in the 2nd half as Mag B threw for the days-best 395 passing yards, connecting on 24 of 39, 4 td's and another 1 rushing  ...  Stevie D missed most of the last 3 seasons while recovering from injury - and good to see him back ... he was huge here, catching 6 for 147 and 3 td's ... Skillz (4-67), Energy (3-49-1), Birdman (3-34) and Tank (3-29) were all recipients of the offensive distribution ... the defense produced big plays as well ... the Prime Minister of Defense Dat-Dude had 2 interceptions and a sack ... CB's Optimistic and Karon each pulled down a pick apiece  ... EZE had a sack ... the Wolves early explosion was powered by the leagues current leading scorer with 6 td's, Foxx ... first he caught a 12 yard td ... next series, took a pitch-back from B.Smith 48 yards for his 2nd score  ... and shortly after that, raced downfield with an interception before pitching that back to Surprise, who took it the final 11 yards for the defensive score ... B.Smith rushed for 75 and a score while throwing for 280 and 2 td's ...Mizzy (6-69), Von (4-36), Bronson (4-17-1) and Webb (3-35) all made plays offensively ... I've yet to see TE Frank allow a sack in his SFF career so far (both of the Roc Boys sacks were made while un-engaged with either Bronson or Frank) ... Ian and  Angel each had a sack for the Wolves ... sff!

DAZED 28 - KNIGHTS 20 ...  the Knights came real close ... actually had the ball inside the 5 late in the game, down by just 8 ... but Daze defense snagged a turnover in the end zone to snuff out the Knights chance ... Mas rushed 9 times for 71 yards and a touchdown while throwing for 196 yards and 2 scores through the air ... Phreak put up Daze's first points when he returned 1 of his 2 interceptions on the day 70 yards for a td ... he also lead the squad with 8 receptions (53 yards) and caught a 3 yard touchdown ... Twin 1 caught 4 for 76 and a scored on a 26 yard reception ... Rell plucked 2 late-game interceptions - including the one in the end zone - to terminating Knights drives and squashing their late comeback attempts  ... Bullet had 2 sacks for the Daze defense ... Thing 1 scored Shaolin Knights first ever touchdown on a 48 yard pick-six early in the game ... All-Purpose completed 20 of 35 for 178 yards and a score and rushed for a td while picking up a season-high 129 yards on the ground ... Dadwin (6-50), Evans Jr. (5-40) and Ocho (4-46-1) were the primary targets - Ocho had a sensational one-handed td catch in the back of the end zone ...pass-rushers Flip (2 sacks) and Alex (1 sack) were effective at making the pocket uncomfortable for Daze ...
MOB 28 - WOLVES 23  ... Down 22-9, the Wolves mounted a 2nd half comeback by scoring 16 unanswered points to go up 23-22 with less than 2 minutes to play ...but with 30 ticks left on the clock,  Papi (31-19-233-4-1) found Charlie in the end zone for the 3rd time in the game on a 12 yard game-winning score ... Charlie would finish 6 for 119 and those 3 td's  ... Johnny (6-53), Cojo (3-24-1) and Pacman B (2-23) were also targeted through out the day ... defensively, Icon and Jim Jones each had an interception ... Truth contributed 2 points on a safety ... Dante and Superbowl snagged a sack each ... Surprise (14-7-104-3-0) lead the Wolves 2nd half rally when he intercepted the Mob and followed that up with a 6 yard td toss to Mizzy to give the Wolves their late but brief lead ... Ian was at the helm early and threw for 119 yards and applied a lot of pressure defensively ... Webb (9-85-2) and Foxx (7-127) accounted for 212 of the teams 223 total yards through the air ... Smallz - one of the most speediest LB's in the league - snagged a sack ...  and Frank put in some work at DE and came away with a sack as well  ...  
DUCKS 49 - KNIGHTS 8 ...both squads came in looking for their first win of the season ... the Ducks won it convincingly ... KWalk threw for 300+ yards in his 3rd straight game while tossing 6 td passes and also added another on a 3 yard run ... his current 117.9 quarterback passer rating is 2nd only to Papi's 121.3 ... Trick (2-63-2) is on fire right now  ... Bowers (2-66-1) has game-changer potential ... E-Money (2-59-1) pulled in a bomb for a score  ... Lah (2-46-1) continues to make a big impact ... in all, the offense added 6 more plays of 25 yards or more ... the  key to the Ducks success this season will fall on the defense making big plays as well, and they used this game to start building their identity there ... Plaze grabbed the teams first interception of the season ... Bennet was a force with 2 sacks ... Curtis had a sack plus added a 11 yard td catch ... Jay T (1 sack) remains one of the hardest working LB's in the league and Tamir picked up his 3rd sack of the year ... the Knights growing pains continue but are fighting their way though that ... QB All-Purpose (133 passing / 83 rushing) is a pass-rusher's nightmare with his scrambling ability ... Stevens - who does a solid job doubling as the teams punter - hauled in 5 receptions for 64 yards ... Big Boy caught a tough one for the teams lone td ... Ocho and Evans Jr combined for 5 receptions for 50 yards ... Suave (1 sack) is stepping up as the teams top pass rusher ... LB Ant came close on a couple potential take-aways here .....
ROC BOYS 7 - DAZED 6  ... this defensive battle went scoreless until way into the 2nd half ... Optimistic took the helm late and ignited the offense, completing 8 of 11 for 85 yards and tossing an 8 yard touchdown to Tank (8-105-1) ... Optimistic also made 2 game-saving defensive stops inside  the one yard line on the games final 3 plays as Daze attempted to pull the game out in the final seconds ... EZE threw for 160 yards and had 2 sacks .. Skillz (5-73), Birdman (3-39), Big Red (3-27) and Kurt (3-24) pulled down tough grabs ... Masi, Trippz and Big Red each had a sack .. Skillz stalled a drive with an end-zone pick ... Mas (44-23-307-0-1) scored late on a 3 yard run to cut the lead to one-point ... Toro had another big impact game catching 10 for 127 and grabbed an interception ..Twin1 (4-68 and a int.), Phreak (3-72) and Nav (2-15) hustled hard for their catches ... Bullet is an active part of their defense, picking up 2 sacks to bring his total to a team-leading 5 ... Dro played hard in the trenches on both sides of the ball  sff!
ROC BOYS 34 - MOB 20  ... Roc Boys sit alone at the top, after this battle of the previously unbeaten's ... Mag B tossed for 297 yards on 19 of 29.and 4 td's - then added a 32 yard touchdown run to complete the scoring for the now 4-0 Roc Boys ... Tank caught 5 (for 39 and a td) to becomes just the 8th player all-time to accumulate over 500 receptions in his SFF'ing career (he now has 504) ... Karon (2-84-1) caught a score from 70 yards out ...  Birdman caught 4 for 65 ... Skillz (2-19-1) raked in his 90th career touchdown ... Optimistic scored on a 20 yard td catch and snagged 2 interceptions ... the Mob came into the game leading the league with 11 team-sacks, but Big Red (2-37), Energy (2-14) and company held them sack-less here  ... Trippz had a sack and the next one he gets, will put him in the "100-Club" with Eze and Supe  ... Dat-Dude picked up a sack as well ... Juice lead the Mob, completing  20 of 36 for 226 yards and 3 td pases plus 82 on the ground ... Cojo (4-40-2) scored twice and Johnny (5-35-1) caught the other td ... Charlie lead the team with 82 yards on his 3 grabs ... and for the 2nd straight game, Jim Jones had an interception ...
WOLVES 20  - KNIGHTS 12 ...Wolves did enough to come away with the win, but the Knights put up their best fight of the season ... Surprise  was at the helm for the Wolves and provided some big plays both through the air (26-14-152-3-1) and on the ground (8-137-0) ... Foxx (8-114-2) added to his league-leading receiving total (30 receps) and scoring-lead (8 td's) - he also pulled in 2 interceptions  ... Webb caught 5 for 47 and Smallz scored on a 6 yard td grab ... BlizzMizzy and Frank all had an interception each and Koda had a sack ...looking for any kind of spark, the win-less Knights started Stevens at qb (completed 56% for 107 yards) before turning back to All-Purpose - who rallied the team late, completing 7 of 8 for 113 yards and 2 td scores ... he also had a sack, a pick and a sweet one-handed grab for a 19 yard reception ... Ant (5-88) made some amazing grabs and lead the team receiving  .... Stevens showed good concentration, catching a tipped ball td ... Big Boy caught his 2nd touchdown in as many weeks ... Santa (2-18) brought the crowd to its feet when he rumbled. bumbled and stumbled with a coupla key red-zone grabs ... Evans Jr. caught 4 for 73 ... the defense was at their most aggressive and finished with season-high 7 team-sacks ... Suave (2 sacks), Flip (1), Thing2 (1), Ocho (1) and Fergz (1) were all pinning their ears back and bringing  the heat  ... and  for whatever it's worth, at the mid-point of the season, guess which team is currently leading the league in team-sacks with 12?  ... Yup ...
DUCKS 35 - DAZED 8  ... the gelling appears to have gelled ... at the moment, the Ducks currently have the leagues #1 offense and are averaging 399 total yards a game ... KWalk threw for a season-best 433 yards and 5 td's while completing 76% of his throws  ... Trick (6-99-1) was his usual productive self on offense - but was equally destructive on defense with 4 sacks ...  Bowers caught 5 for 130 and had a pick ... Carlis caught 4 for 50 and scored twice ... E-Money (3-52-1) and Lah (3-27-1) each have td's in the last 2 consecutive games ... and Curtis aka Chaos, contributes again  with 3 for 61 ... Joe had 2 interceptions against his former team  ... the scoring struggles continue as Daze was held to just 1 td for the 2nd straight game  ... Mas threw for 308 yards and the lone td, to Twin1 (4-69-1) on a 14 yard out ... Toro caught 5 for 77 and had an early end-zone pick ... Nav (3-82)  was "Moss'ing" em on a coupla deep balls  ... Bullett continues to be pesky and disruptive in the pit with 2 more sacks ...  Shark had to put in double-duty in the pit and looks like he's getting the hang of that chasing quaterbacks stuff  ... and another member joined the elite "500 Catch-Club" on this day as Phreak caught 5 for 74 to put him at 502 career receptions ... congrats to him and Tank ... strictly for fun!
WOLVES 34 - DUCKS 20  ... the champs came on strong late to improve their record to 3-2 ... B.Smith (36-16-262-3-4) proved once again how dangerous of a weapon he is in the red-zone, beating the defense to the pylon twice on 2 short td runs ... he finished with 102 rushing yards ... Foxx (10-140-3 plus an int) is the only player to go over 100 yards receiving in every game this season and leads the league with 11 scores ... Von (3-80) recovered an ill-fated pitch to setup one of the Wolves late scores ... Mezzy (1 int) made some key break-ups while at corner ... Frank snatched his 2nd sack of the season ...  the Ducks offense was held to under 300 yards for the first time this season ... Kwalk (36-18-243-3-2) threw scores to Joe (2-60-1), Trick (2-44-1) and Lah (2-20-1 plus a sack) but the team could not capitalize on the Wolves 5 turnovers ... Bowers (8-79) grabbed 3 interceptions and now quickly finds himself tied with Foxx for the league-lead with 4 ... Edwards and Curt had the other interceptions ...
MOB 35 - DAZED 24 ... Juice was steady at the helm for the Mob, throwing 4 scores with no picks while also adding a one-yard touchdown run ... Charlie (5-74-2) and Johnny (4-69-2 plus an int) each scored twice and both have 7 td's on the season .. Dante (3-41 and a sack) picked up his 7th sack ... Superbowl had a sack ...  Dazed QB Mas (26-14-228-3-1) connected on scores to Phreak (6-77-1), Toro (2-33-1) and Nav (4-81-1) - who has now put together two back-to-back 80-plus receiving yard games ... Shark picked up his first career sack ... and Bullet is the only player to grab a sack in every game this season - he's tied with Dante for the league-lead with 7 ...
ROCBOYS 43 - KNIGHTS 6  ... Mag B threw for a season-high 524 yards and 6 touchdowns while completing 31 of 48 ... Birdman caught 7 for 166 yards and a score ... Skillz hauled in 3 td's on four catches for 66 yards ... Stevie D had 6 receptions for 91 yards ... Tank (3-50-1) and Energy (3-27-1) each caught scores ... Keron had an interception ... Eze had 2 sacks ... and congratulations to Trippz on his milestone 100th career sack ... the expansion Shaolin Knights QB All-Purpose hit on 18 of 32 for 193 yards with 1 td/1 int, ran for 50 and had a pick ... Dadwin (6-69) lead the team in receiving ... if you've been starting TE BigBoy on your fantasy squad, he came thru again with his 3rd touchdown in 3 games ... Suave had a sack to bring his season total to 5 ... sff!
ROC BOYS 56 - WOLVES 6  ... Mag B admitted he had this game circled on his calendar soon as the schedule was released ... and then went out and put up a record performance, completing every pass he threw against the defending champs ... the ball never hit the dirt - connecting on 24 of 24 ... for 469 yards and 7 touchdowns ... Tank lead the receivers with 6 receptions for 137 yards and scored on a 56 yard play ... Energy had his biggest game of the season with 5 grabs for 78 yards and 2 td's ... others hauling in scores were Skillz (4-74-), Stevie D (3-67-1), Eze (2-63-1) and Big Red (1-10-1) ... Birdman (3-40) and Shorty had interceptions ... Trippz had a sack ... for the Wolves, Ian (33-17-237-1-2) hooked up with Von 5 times for 93 yards ... Web (4-61-1) scored late to avert the shut-out ... Foxx was held to under 100 (4-53) for the first time this season ...
MOB 22 - DUCKS 16  ...  the Mob trailed the Ducks 14-16 with 12 seconds left in the game before Juice (33-22-269-3-2) tossed an 8 yard touchdown to Johnny (8-89-1) to complete the late come-from-behind win ...  Jim Jones (6-47-1) and Cojo (4-52-1) snagged the other 2 Mob scores ... Charlie's lone catch - a 58 yard play - helped set-up the game winning score ... Johnny (2 ints) and Jim Jones (1 int) made key take-aways for the Mob defense ... KWalk (31-18-184-1-3) gave the Ducks the late 16-14 lead on an 11 yard rushing score ... their first td came on a Trick (3-25-1) 6 yard catch ... Lah lead the team with 6 receptions for 63 yards ... Ducks couldn't manufacture any of those big-plays their known for, making just one play over 25 yards in this contest - a 26 yard catch-n-run by E-Money (5-57) ... Jay T (2-23) had an end-zone interception and a sack ... Ricky had a pick and Trick snagged a sack ...
KNIGHTS 34 - DAZED 20  ... Congrats to the Knights on their franchise first win! ... All-Purpose lived up to his name, making plays through the air (33-20-288-4-1), on the ground (6-127-1) and on defense (1 interception) ... his 49 yard touchdown run late in the game gave the Knights the go-ahead points ... Big Boy (5-53-3) is on fire in the red-zone as he caught 3 td's and leads all TE's on the season with 6 scores ... Evans Jr. (6-57) topped the team in catches ... Dadwin (2-54) caught a 43 yarder to setup Ant's (2-18-1) 10 yard td ...Ocho becomes the first Knight to go over a hundred in a game, with 107 on 4 grabs ... he also had one of the teams 3 sacks - Flip and Austin had the others ... Thing1 and Thing2 made some key break-ups on defense when it counted as the Knights held Daze to just 1 completion in their final 10 pass attempts ... Phreak had a big game for Daze - leading all receivers on the day with 151 yards (on 5 catches and 2 td's) ... Toro (6-6-1) threw a 69 yard score to Phreak and caught a td from Mas (42-18-255-2-1)  ... Nav caught 3 for 65 ... Twin1 had an interception ... Bullet picked up 4 sacks to give him a league-leading 11 on the season ... sff!
DUCKS 52 - KNIGHTS 16 ... the Knights were hoping they'd carry over last weeks momentum into this game, but the Ducks had other plans ... Ducks rookie star KWalk scored 3 rushing touchdowns, threw 2 scores and made 2 interceptions on defense - taking one of them back 70 yards for his 4th td of the game ... E-Money picked up 104 yards on 5 receptions ... TE Smash caught 3 for 30 and displayed some hops, reaching high and pulling down a 10 yard score  - they even lined him up late at strong-safety ... Carlis put up 2 scores - one on a 10 yard reception, the other,  a pick-six ... altogether, the Ducks defense scored 3 times,  Edwards had the other pick-six to go along with a sack ... Eddie pushed the pocket back for 2 sacks ... the Knights All-Purpose (31-18-253-2-2) made his 4th interception in as many games ... Ocho lead the team with 81 yards on 4 grabs and a score, plus had a sack ... Stevens (5-44-1) caught a late td ... Thing2 had a pick ... and Ant took an extra-point interception the length of the field to provide the Knights with 2 points ....
ROCBOYS 28 - DAZED 26 ...  of the 6 qb's that played Sunday, guess which one finished with the highest quarterback rating on the day with 118.1? .... Energy completed 29 of 41 for 442 yards and 4 touchdowns and threw the game-winning score when he found Skillz (8-89-1) on a  22 yard touchdown pass with 2 minutes left in the game ... all-time leading reciever/scorer Birdman hauled in 9 for 128 and a td ... Tank (8-147-1) has scored a td in 6 of the 7 games he's played this season  ... Shorty got things started with a 33 yard td catch on Rocz first play ... EZE picked up 3 and half sacks - leaving him a sack and half behind the league-leader Bullet (Dazed) - who was shut out for the first time this season ... Big Red (2-32) had a sack and a half ... Optimistic made his 4th and 5th interceptions of the season - his career total of 48 interceptions ties him for 6th all-time and that's the most for a player whose played cornerback exclusively (all players above him on the list played safety) ... Daze is the one team that can lose to a team with no wins one week (Knights) and come back and almost beat a team with no loses the next - they came thisclose to doing just that ...  Mas threw for the weeks-best 483 yards and 4 scores while connecting on 26 of 52 ... Toro was a beast with 11 receptions for 179 yards and 2 td's - plus 3 take-aways on defense (2 ints/1 strip) ... Phreak (9-146-1), Manny (3-102) and Twin1 (1-44-1) fought hard in this tough loss for the now 1-6 Dazed ...
WOLVES 15 - MOB 12   ... Wolves defense was a huge factor in this win ...  KodaCane was a terror in the pit with 5 sacks - one of those sacks resulting in 2 points on a safety ... Mizzy is becoming a bonafide play-maker at corner for the Wolves ... he had 3 picks in this game and now has 5 on the season ... Nitty had a sack ...  Hess had a late end-zone int ... offensively, BSmith (32-22-278-2-1) relied on and connected with Von (6-62-1), Webb (4-74), Surprise (4-50) and the leagues leading receiver/scorer with 52 receptions and 12 td's, Foxx,  for 8 receptions for 110 yards and a 22 yard score ... the surprisingly unpredictable "who'll-show-up" Mob squad started their 3rd different qb of the season - this time, it was #2 all-time passer Icon (26-14-233-2-4) ... rookie Dante (4-53-1) was the top target and also picked up his 8th sack on the year ... Johnny (2-40) made his 4th interception in the last 3 games ... Charlie caught 2 for 50 ... Jim Jones (3-32-1 plus an interception) made some big plays from the safety position ... sff!
ROCBOYS 30 – DUCKS 6 … Rocboys finished with an unblemished record of 8-0 … this is the 3rd different franchise that Mag B (23-14-216-2-1) has guided through undefeated regular seasons … Rocboys are so hot, even their 2nd string quarterback is on fire, as Energy completed 4 of 5 for 65 yards and 2 scores in mop-up duty … Birdman (7-111-1), Stevie D (5-86-1), Tank (2-44-1) and Big Red (1-1-1 and 3 sacks) all caught scores … with 3 sacks in this game, EZE snatched this seasons sack-title with 12.5 on the year … Trippz had 2 sacks as the team finished with a total of 8 on the day … Shorty returned his interception for a 38 yard pick-six to put the game away … the Ducks lone score came from a KWalk (36-15-189-1-1) to Trick (4-53-1 plus a sack) 20 yard hook-up early in the game … Trick finished the season as the Ducks leading scorer with 8 td’s … Carlis (5-69) lead the team in receptions this season with 25 …  Edwards has 3rd interceptions in his last 4 games …
MOB 50 – KNIGHTS 14 … Papi (19-14-303-4-1) returned from a team-imposed 4 game suspension for conduct detrimental to - ok, maybe that wasn't the reason but, he did rush for 3 td’s, making him the 11th player in history to score over 100 touchdowns in a career (he now has 102) …Johnny (4-98-2) scored his 9th & 10th td’s of the year and had his 4th straight game with an interception … Cojo (3-95-1) and Charlie (2-19-1) added scores … Dante caught 2 for 58 … the Mob defense created 4 turnovers altogether as Jim JonesTruth and Juice had picks – Juice scored a defensive td off a pitch-back from Johnny on his int … the Knights scores came from a couple of All-Purpose (26-15-212-2-3) to Dadwin (3-67-2) touchdown connections … BigBoy (4-40) and Ant (3-39) caught a few balls … Ocho had an interception and also gave his team 2-points when he intercepted a Mob extra-point try and took it to the house … All-Purpose finishes the season as the league’s top rusher on the year with 447 yards …
WOLVES 46 – DAZED 20 …  B.Smith rushed for 3 scores while picking up 110 yards on the ground and also tossed 2 td’s to Mizzy (2-21-2) … the Wolves rookie standout also picked off his 6th interception of the year to top all players on the season … Smallz scored 2 defensive touchdowns – one off a pitch-back after a strip - and then the very next series , took his interception back for his 2nd score …  Foxx (7-109, plus 1 strip & a pick) is like the teams point-guard when the Wolves run their fast-break/pitch-back plays and finishes the season with over a 1000 yards in total offense and a dozen scores to lead the league … the defense continues to be aggressive upfront as  Nitty & Koda each had 2 sacks and B.Smith added another …Dazed got another 300 yard-plus performance from Mas (42-22-391-3-3 plus an int) … a big chunk of that went to Phreak, who finished with a season-best 221 yards off his 11 receptions and 1 td … Toro (5-69-2) caught 2 scores, from 11 and 18 yards and Nav hauled in 5 for 72 … sff!
Final Stats from 2016 Fall Season
Aided by an Eze sack on 3rd down, Ducks went 3 & out on their opening drive ...  Rocboys struck quick as Mag B hit Birdman for a 22 yard td on their first possession ... Rocboys 8 - Ducks 0
Ducks bounced back on the next series with a couple of plays to Bowers and Lah to setup KWalk's 3 yard td to Eric on 4th down ... Rocboys 8 - Ducks 6
On the Rocboys 2nd possession, an E-Money sack forces a 3 & out  ... Lah 33 yard play sets up a 3 yard KWalk to Bower's td .. Rocboys 8 - Ducks 12
Ducks defense continues to dominate and forces another 3 & out punt ... Jay T picks up a key first down .... KWalk finds Carlis behind the defense for a 41 yard score ... Rocboys 8 - Ducks 19
3rd straight series, Ducks defense allows zilch as Jay T gets a sack ... KWalk stays hot and throws his 4th td of the half - 30 yards to Pettus ... Carlis grabs the extra-point ... Rocboys 8 - Ducks 26
at end of 1st half, Mag hit Stevie D for a 1 yard td ... but 2nd half, Ducks assault continues  as KWalk scores on a 5 yard run and throws his 5th td,  42 yards to  Lah ...  Rocboys 14 - Ducks 39 ...
Skillz had big punt return to setup Mag B's 3 yard td run ... then had another big punt return - is this a comeback?  ... no way, Edwards ends the game with an end-zone interception ... 4th seed Ducks upset the previously unbeaten 1st place Rocboys  ....  Rocboys 28 - Ducks 46 ...
Mob jumped out early by scoring on their first 2 possessions of the game -  a 25 yard pass from Papi to Johnny, then on a 2 yard run by Dante ...  Mob 12 - Wolves 0
on the Wolves 2nd series, B.Smith raced 52 yards touchdown   ...  Mob 12 - Wolves 8
defense forced a Mob punt and on the Wolves next possession, Mob's Johnny gambled and went for the pick - but Von came away with the ball and took it 70 yards to the house  ...  Mob 12 - Wolves 16
right before the half, Papi hit Charlie running a post and he split the defenders and took it 49 yards for the score and the halftime lead ...  Mob 18 - Wolves 16
2nd half, a Superbowl sack forced a Wolves punt, but after the Mob turned it over on downs, B.Smith took off again - this time for a 60 yard rushing score ... ...  Mob 18 - Wolves 24
next series, Mob gets a huge 26 yard catch-n-run from Bossman to set up Icon's tough "tackle-breaking" 3 yard touchdown plunge ...  Mob 26 - Wolves 24
Dante had a 3rd down sack ... the Wolves gambled on 4th & 15 and went for it and failed ... 3 plays later Papi ran it in for 2 yard td ... and on the Wolves next possession, with 5 minutes left in the game, Juice intercepts the Wolves to set up Charlie's 3 yard td catch ...  Mob 38 - Wolves 24
B.Smith would break another long one (55 yards) to set up his 20 yard touchdown run 2 plays later to close the gap to 8,  but time runs out ...                  ...   Mob 38 - Wolves 30 
Both teams went 3 & out their first series ... on the Ducks 2nd possession, Johnny's interception at the 30 sets up Papi's 15 yard touchdown pass to Charlie (xp Johnnie) ... MOB 8 - DUCKS 0
 two series later, KWalk connects with Carlis for a big play to put the Ducks in scoring position and shortly afterwards, the QB finds E-Money' on a 7 yard touchdown play ... MOB 8 - DUCKS 6
Mob's next possession, Charlie grabs a big 1st down on 4th & 10 ... Ducks defense makes a couple of tough goal-line stops ... but on 4th & 1, Papi bootlegs left for the score (xp Johnnie) ... HALFTIME : MOB 16 - DUCKS 6
on the Mob's first possession in the 2nd half, Papi takes off from the pocket and runs for 30 yards, then pitch's back to Charlie, who takes it the remaining 30 yards to the house ...  MOB 22 - DUCKS 6
Ducks next series, going for it on 4th & a foot - Icon makes an interception, pitches it back to Truth, who takes it down to the 3, setting up Papi's 3 yard touchdown run (xp Icon)...  MOB 30 - DUCKS 6
KWalk is injured on the interception return, Lah steps in at QB and immediately connects with Jay T on a 60 yard pass play ... 3 plays later, Lah finds Jay T again, this time for a 7 yard touchdown  ...MOB 30 - DUCKS 12
on a 4th down try by the Ducks, Superbowl picks up his 2nd sack ... Icon throws a 1 yard td to Charlie - who with 4 td's scored, is named the games MVP ... as the Mob wins SB32   ... FINAL: MOB 42 - DUCKS 12
and whether this is your first time holding the SFF gold (like finally Juice) or your 11th (like Icon), congratulations to the entire Mob Skwad for your hard-fought, well-earned, strictly for fun Championship !
two series later, Mob kills any chance of Ducks building on their momentum when Papi lasers one into a tight window to Charlie for a 25 yard touchdown ...  MOB 36 - DUCKS 12
2016 FALL