For the first time, the MVP count came back tied ... Icon lead the league in passing and rushing while Manny lead his team to 9 straight wins and was 3rd in the league with 8 interceptions.
Dat-Dude remains to be the leagues most dominant defender as once again he topped all with 11 interceptions, making it his fourth consecutive season in doing that. 
After making All-Star in his first season as a defender,  T exploded on offense this season and lead the league in receiving yards (1428) and touchdowns (24) while grabbing 59 receptions.
Prospect had 5 interceptions on the season and earned his 6th consecutive All-Star nod ... he's been voted twice as a receiver and 4 times (including this season) as a defender.
Chino's 17 touchdowns on 31 receptions means he made it to the end-zone every 2nd time he caught a pass ... plus he added 5 interceptions on defense.
In his third season Big Mo made the adjustment to full-time tight-end and helped pave the way to his qb's record breaking rushing performance while grabbing 3 sacks on defense.
Recognized as being one of the leagues most classiest players, Cruz  has now won this award (deservingly so) 3 times ... one more and we'll rename this honor after him ... the "Cruz Award"
Topped off one of the best seasons a player's ever had here with a stellar SB game, throwing 3 td's, rushing for 172 and a score and sealing the game with a 54 yard int. return for another td.